Types of Juicers – What are the options

Making fresh juice is a wonderful way to get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need on a daily basis. A lot of people buy the machines you see on TV, the electric centrifugal juicer extractors that chop up your fruits and vegetables and dispense juice on one side and spit out the pulp on the other. Some people still prefer the old-fashioned manual juicer over the newer machines and there are actually a number of good reasons for this.

Manual Juicer Vs Electric Juicer

A manual juicer has several things going for it. It will be smaller and take up less space than an automatic electric juicer. Being small means that it is also good for traveling if you want to take it with you on a camping trip or a picnic. A manual juicer has few parts and is easy to clean. Many are built with durable materials like stainless steel or cast iron so they will last a good long time. Of course there is also no electricity needed.

An automatic electric juicer will have some benefits of course. The main benefit is that it will be much faster than a manual machine. If you’re going to make one or two glasses of juice in the morning a manual juicer may be a good option but if you’re going to make a lot of juice you may want something that works a little faster. The big drawback to the electric machines however is that they are not able to get as much juice out of the fruits and vegetables you put into them as a manual juicer. An electric machine may produce soggy pulp which means that there is unused juice that is being wasted.

A manual juicer is going to be able to extract much more juice out of the fruits and vegetables you put into it. This is especially true when juicing a leafy green vegetables like parsley, spinach or wheatgrass. Centrifugal juicer extractors usually struggle quite a bit with these types of vegetables. Ultimately the choice is yours whether you should go with a manual juicer or best masticating juicers of 2020 but automatic is not always better.

Horizontal vs Vertical Masticating Juicer – Which is Better?

Masticating juicers are considered by many people to be the best juicers you can buy. A centrifugal juicer uses a sharp blade rotating at very high RPMs to obliterate vegetables and fruits in order to extract the juice. The problem with this type of juicer is that they create a lot of heat which can destroy the nutrients that you are trying to get to. (more…)

Brad Nailers – What You Need To Know

Brad nailers are an important part of toolkit owned by handymen, DIY’ers and furniture makers. Few things are as annoying as those ugly bashes in your woodworking project where the hammer missed the target. That’s why brad nailers are such great tools. Most models are equipped with a nose cushion that makes sure hammer tracks belong to the past.

These nailers are popular among artisans and woodworking professionals who need holes of size ranging from 0.25 to 0.62 inches deep. The workers operating on wood require fine holes and shallow points so that the wood remains intact and does not pose any threat to the overall health of the material.

Brad Nailers What You Need To Look For

Bosch and Makita are the favored brad nailer guns. Either pneumatic or electric brad nail guns are easily accessible. You can purchase one line or buy one at the local hardware store. These are excellent tools to add to your arsenal of tools and do not cost a fortune. The average price for a pneumatic brad nailer is $90. If you are looking high quality braid nailers in UK then go for Tacwise 181ELS 1176 Electric Nail Gun , it is the best and at reasonable price.

The lower end brad nailers will still get the job done for smaller projects. If you are in the carpentry, or cabinet trade you might want to invest in a higher end brad nailer like the Bosch or Senco Brad nailer Kits. If you are a contractor you should purchase both pneumatic and electric brad nailers. Both will come in handy for any building contract work.


Choosing the right awnings for your patio

Awnings can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space be it at your year round home or at your seasonal summer cottage.  Awnings can serve a major purpose in allowing you the option for outdoor use even on those rainy dreary days or those hot summer days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. In this article we will be discussing about how you can choose best retractable patio awnings.

Why Buy a Patio Awnings

Whatever your reason, awnings provide the ability to enjoy the fresh air regardless of the weather.  Take your time in choosing the best awning for the space of your choice but also remember that with any fabric or material choice comes certain modes of upkeep, doing some research on specific awnings will give you the best idea in terms of the amount of care and difficulty any particular awning piece has the potential to give you.

Awnings for decks can make a big difference in the look and comfort of your backyard. No one likes to sit out under the glaring sun all day, regardless of how nice your backyard looks. Designing and landscaping your backyard is a very rewarding process. Choosing the plants, shrubs and deck design gives you a chance to let loose a bit and really put your stamp on your backyard. One of the crucial parts of this design process is creating shade.

Awnings have come a long way in recent years. It used to be that these awnings could be cumbersome and lets be honest, ugly. But now with advances in design, technology and more widespread use, these awnings have become more an integral part of your backyard design.

Patio Awnings Buying Guide

Your choices for material really come down to two options: fabric or aluminum. These two options provide durability, good color and pattern options, and excellent protection for the heat of the sun. Most older awnings for decks were manually operated and after a few years of use, this manual crank could become stiff and hard to use. Now you have the option of a motorized retractable awning. These motorized awnings can be controlled with a remote control or with a switch installed on the wall – very similar to how your automatic garage door is controlled.


Comparison between RO and other water filter systems

Most of us think bottled water clean and refreshing, and much better than the alternative coming from the tap, don’t you think? But you will be astonished that more and more reports are piling up in favor of tap water compare to bottled water. Turns out it just might be a myth that’s been marketed towards consumers that bottled water is cleaner. The best option is to have water filter system that filters the tap water and removes harmful impurities from it. Among the water filter system reverse osmosis water systems appears to be best. You can check out some top RO water filters of 2019 here.

What is Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse Osmosis is a common process in living organisms that is used to transport cellular fluids. Generally, pure fluid moves through cell walls (membranes) toward less pure or more concentrated solutions. Although mangrove trees, which obtain their transpiration water from the sea, use a physical ultrafiltration process similar to “reverse osmosis“, most natural osmosis processes work with the more dilute solvent moving into the more concentrated solution.

By applying pressure to increase a flow through a membrane that has pores small enough to prevent the movement of molecules larger than a water molecule (thus making the membrane “semipermeable“), it is possible to cause the solvent (water) to flow across the membrane away from the more concentrated solution containing heavy metals, salts, and other contaminants.

Is RO is Best Water Filter System?

Using research on how these organisms separate fresh water from the salt-water environments they live in, scientists have come up with improvements on a wide variety of ways to separate impurities from water. One way to produce clean water is by boiling and collecting the condensate in a separate container–this method is called “distillation“. Another method is to put electrodes into the water and run an electric charge through the electrodes. This eliminates the ions of salts in the water–in the process called “deionization“.

Reverse osmosis membranes have been made from cellophane and cellulose ester films (cellulose acetate), aromatic polyamides (nylon), and graphitic oxide (oxidized graphite flakes, which retain their shapes, deposited on a porous support).

Buying a water filter systems

In the present economy it is vital to get the most you can for your shopping buck. So there is no valid reason to over pay for Reverse Osmosis Water Filter when you can find hundreds of them for sale on many online stores. The purpose of all water purifiers for home use is to get pure water that is safe for drinking. The water filter should also kills most of the harmful bacteria and remove high toxic materials from the water.


6 Tips For Organizing And Cleaning

Everyone has an area or room of their home that they designate as their storage corner. Here goes all of the clothes that no longer fit, the decade’s worth of school supplies purchased at that amazing summer sale, the endless array of stocking stuffers prepared for the holiday season, and the various birthday and anniversary wedding gifts awaiting a recipient. So, how do you keep all of these things organized, so they can be found when needed?

Here are 6 tips you can use to organize your storage and prevent chaos.

Use Stacking Bins

Put all of your smaller items into various containers, making sure that the containers are stackable. Place the containers with the heavier items on the bottom and lighter items towards the top. When containers are stackable, they allow you to make the most of your entire storage space.

Label Everything

Using labels will help you identify what is in each container and will help you locate it with ease. Use labels that are removable or reusable, so you can update the containers as necessary. Make sure the labels are placed where they are visible to make for easy access.

Color-code “Like” Items

Organize your “like” items in similarly colored containers so that they are easy to locate. This method works well for seasonal items. For example, putting all of your holiday decorations in red containers and storing them near each other will eliminate the need to sift through different containers to find them come holiday season.

Make Frequently Used Items Easily Accessible

If there are items that you use more frequently (such as school supplies during the school year), place these items towards the front so that you do not have to waste time and energy stepping over everything else in order to reach them. For anything that is rarely used but still necessary, consider renting a storage unit.

Maximize Wall and Ceiling Space

Install shelves, hooks, pegboard, and cabinets to store and organize items. This will maximize every bit of space, as well as making things easy to spot. You will also avoid cluttering the floor of your storage room.

Utilize Rolling Carts and Shelves

This is a great storage idea for heavier items, allowing for them to be maneuvered with a simple push or pull.  Rolling carts make it easy to move items like tools or other heavy things.