6 Tips For Organizing And Cleaning

Everyone has an area or room of their home that they designate as their storage corner. Here goes all of the clothes that no longer fit, the decade’s worth of school supplies purchased at that amazing summer sale, the endless array of stocking stuffers prepared for the holiday season, and the various birthday and anniversary wedding gifts awaiting a recipient. So, how do you keep all of these things organized, so they can be found when needed?

Here are 6 tips you can use to organize your storage and prevent chaos.

Use Stacking Bins

Put all of your smaller items into various containers, making sure that the containers are stackable. Place the containers with the heavier items on the bottom and lighter items towards the top. When containers are stackable, they allow you to make the most of your entire storage space.

Label Everything

Using labels will help you identify what is in each container and will help you locate it with ease. Use labels that are removable or reusable, so you can update the containers as necessary. Make sure the labels are placed where they are visible to make for easy access.

Color-code “Like” Items

Organize your “like” items in similarly colored containers so that they are easy to locate. This method works well for seasonal items. For example, putting all of your holiday decorations in red containers and storing them near each other will eliminate the need to sift through different containers to find them come holiday season.

Make Frequently Used Items Easily Accessible

If there are items that you use more frequently (such as school supplies during the school year), place these items towards the front so that you do not have to waste time and energy stepping over everything else in order to reach them. For anything that is rarely used but still necessary, consider renting a storage unit.

Maximize Wall and Ceiling Space

Install shelves, hooks, pegboard, and cabinets to store and organize items. This will maximize every bit of space, as well as making things easy to spot. You will also avoid cluttering the floor of your storage room.

Utilize Rolling Carts and Shelves

This is a great storage idea for heavier items, allowing for them to be maneuvered with a simple push or pull.  Rolling carts make it easy to move items like tools or other heavy things.

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