Brad Nailers – What You Need To Know

Brad nailers are an important part of toolkit owned by handymen, DIY’ers and furniture makers. Few things are as annoying as those ugly bashes in your woodworking project where the hammer missed the target. That’s why brad nailers are such great tools. Most models are equipped with a nose cushion that makes sure hammer tracks belong to the past.

These nailers are popular among artisans and woodworking professionals who need holes of size ranging from 0.25 to 0.62 inches deep. The workers operating on wood require fine holes and shallow points so that the wood remains intact and does not pose any threat to the overall health of the material.

Brad Nailers What You Need To Look For

Bosch and Makita are the favored brad nailer guns. Either pneumatic or electric brad nail guns are easily accessible. You can purchase one line or buy one at the local hardware store. These are excellent tools to add to your arsenal of tools and do not cost a fortune. The average price for a pneumatic brad nailer is $90. If you are looking high quality braid nailers in UK then go for Tacwise 181ELS 1176 Electric Nail Gun , it is the best and at reasonable price.

The lower end brad nailers will still get the job done for smaller projects. If you are in the carpentry, or cabinet trade you might want to invest in a higher end brad nailer like the Bosch or Senco Brad nailer Kits. If you are a contractor you should purchase both pneumatic and electric brad nailers. Both will come in handy for any building contract work.

Types of Braid Nailers

Brad nailers come in two basic varieties. One is powered by electricity while the other uses pneumatic power and needs compressed air to work. Therefore, if you want to use the second variety, you need to have compressed air. Out of the two, the one that works with compressed air is more efficient. Therefore, they are available along with portable compressed air units.

Electric vs. Pneumatic Brad Nailers

When buying a brad nailer, you need to consider the use. Will the brad nailer meet my needs and requirements or will this tool meet my needs? Usually the pneumatic brad nailer is the tool of choice for finishing furniture or mounting molding or d├ęcor. The other option is to use an electric brad nailer. This tool is convenient for hard to reach places and excellent for a quick job. The problem with the electric brad nailer is that it doesn’t have as much power that the pneumatic nailer offers.

The downside to using a pneumatic brad nailer is that water can evaporate into the pneumatic hose and affect the gun itself, so you may need to use a little bit of air tool oil to the air fitting to lower the risk of water tainting the interworking of the brad nailer gun.

An electric brad nailer would be useful for quick jobs around the house or for the hobbyist. May bird house builders use the electric brad nailer because it’s strong enough to use staples, but not too powerful to destroy fragile woodwork. Electric brad nailers are also useful for mounting other projects like bead board, and small crown molding projects.

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