Choosing the right awnings for your patio

Awnings can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space be it at your year round home or at your seasonal summer cottage.  Awnings can serve a major purpose in allowing you the option for outdoor use even on those rainy dreary days or those hot summer days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. In this article we will be discussing about how you can choose best retractable patio awnings.

Why Buy a Patio Awnings

Whatever your reason, awnings provide the ability to enjoy the fresh air regardless of the weather.  Take your time in choosing the best awning for the space of your choice but also remember that with any fabric or material choice comes certain modes of upkeep, doing some research on specific awnings will give you the best idea in terms of the amount of care and difficulty any particular awning piece has the potential to give you.

Awnings for decks can make a big difference in the look and comfort of your backyard. No one likes to sit out under the glaring sun all day, regardless of how nice your backyard looks. Designing and landscaping your backyard is a very rewarding process. Choosing the plants, shrubs and deck design gives you a chance to let loose a bit and really put your stamp on your backyard. One of the crucial parts of this design process is creating shade.

Awnings have come a long way in recent years. It used to be that these awnings could be cumbersome and lets be honest, ugly. But now with advances in design, technology and more widespread use, these awnings have become more an integral part of your backyard design.

Patio Awnings Buying Guide

Your choices for material really come down to two options: fabric or aluminum. These two options provide durability, good color and pattern options, and excellent protection for the heat of the sun. Most older awnings for decks were manually operated and after a few years of use, this manual crank could become stiff and hard to use. Now you have the option of a motorized retractable awning. These motorized awnings can be controlled with a remote control or with a switch installed on the wall – very similar to how your automatic garage door is controlled.

Before you buy a retractable patio awnings in UK, make sure you take the correct measurements of the designated space for your patio awnings. You need to take the measure the width of the area where you want an awning and add about 7 inches on both the side. Then depending upon your need choose the right awning that suit your patio. There are different types of awnings namely retractable, stationary, window and door awnings.

The angle of patio retractable awning is something that many buyers overlook, but it is one of the important considerations that affect the overall performance of the patio awnings. The materials of patio awnings also play a crucial role in performance, style and durability of the awning. You can opt for vinyl, aluminum, cotton and canvas. Vinyl is considered to be more reliable and they arewaterproof and durable, whereas cotton and canvas are more prone to damage in the long run.

For windows facing east or west, the size of the drop is recommended to be 65-75% for optimal performance. For a south-facing window, the drop can be as low as 45-60% as less coverage is needed due to the angle of the sun.

Finally when choosing your awning, make sure you consider your exact needs. Think about the size of your deck, who will be operating the awning and if you need additional protection from the wind or sun.

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