Comparison between RO and other water filter systems

Most of us think bottled water clean and refreshing, and much better than the alternative coming from the tap, don’t you think? But you will be astonished that more and more reports are piling up in favor of tap water compare to bottled water. Turns out it just might be a myth that’s been marketed towards consumers that bottled water is cleaner. The best option is to have water filter system that filters the tap water and removes harmful impurities from it. Among the water filter system reverse osmosis water systems appears to be best. You can check out some top RO water filters of 2019 here.

What is Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse Osmosis is a common process in living organisms that is used to transport cellular fluids. Generally, pure fluid moves through cell walls (membranes) toward less pure or more concentrated solutions. Although mangrove trees, which obtain their transpiration water from the sea, use a physical ultrafiltration process similar to “reverse osmosis“, most natural osmosis processes work with the more dilute solvent moving into the more concentrated solution.

By applying pressure to increase a flow through a membrane that has pores small enough to prevent the movement of molecules larger than a water molecule (thus making the membrane “semipermeable“), it is possible to cause the solvent (water) to flow across the membrane away from the more concentrated solution containing heavy metals, salts, and other contaminants.

Is RO is Best Water Filter System?

Using research on how these organisms separate fresh water from the salt-water environments they live in, scientists have come up with improvements on a wide variety of ways to separate impurities from water. One way to produce clean water is by boiling and collecting the condensate in a separate container–this method is called “distillation“. Another method is to put electrodes into the water and run an electric charge through the electrodes. This eliminates the ions of salts in the water–in the process called “deionization“.

Reverse osmosis membranes have been made from cellophane and cellulose ester films (cellulose acetate), aromatic polyamides (nylon), and graphitic oxide (oxidized graphite flakes, which retain their shapes, deposited on a porous support).

Buying a water filter systems

In the present economy it is vital to get the most you can for your shopping buck. So there is no valid reason to over pay for Reverse Osmosis Water Filter when you can find hundreds of them for sale on many online stores. The purpose of all water purifiers for home use is to get pure water that is safe for drinking. The water filter should also kills most of the harmful bacteria and remove high toxic materials from the water.

Nowadays under sink water filters are getting popular and they also do great job in removing impurities. If you get all your drinking and cooking water from the kitchen faucet, this might be a better choice than a whole house water filter system that are costly.

RO water systems offers the best water filtration system of home use. If you want the purest and safe drinking water, RO water filter will be your best bet. In most water supplies, they can reduce total dissolved solids also known as TDS to less than 100 parts per million, which is much better than any other water filters.

The main disadvantage of reverse osmosis processis that they take a long time to filter the water and it removes many beneficial minerals from the water. But modern RO water filters comes with additional stage that can re add the minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the water.

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